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Dario Pizzi and Dominic Marsh first met each other whilst working on a project at the Design Museum in London. As they grew to know each other more they soon realised they shared a similar desire to incorporate their passion for ecology and sustainability into their working lives, in a way they had yet to experience during their careers.
This combined with the natural balance wrought between their various talents and education, led very naturally to the creation of Anemos Horticulture.


Dario’s love of botany has been a life long journey, and developed along the way to include a fascination for art and design. As such he first studied at The Agricultural Institute in Milan, where he completed a five year course, with an additional final year specialising in botany and cultivation techniques, completed in Como. He also holds a Masters in Landscape Design from the NAD in Verona.
After graduation he moved to Switzerland where he set up his own company, that encompassed all elements of horticulture from design to aftercare. A continued desire to expand his knowledge, led to him selling the company and moving to Australia and New Zealand where he worked for three years, acquiring an exceptionally well rounded and international knowledge of plant life.
England’s historical links with the evolution of garden design made it a natural next step for him to make the move here and continue to explore and develop his passion for bringing design to life.

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Dominic first studied Plant Science and Practical Horticulture at The Eden Project, going on to work under Bartlett Trees where he honed his skills in tree surgery and did further research in the scientific labs at the RHS. He has great knowledge in estate management and a thorough understanding of overseeing large projects. Throughout his career he has developed his natural bent for logistics into a strong and well formed ability to master the intricacies, techniques and planning needed for even the most complex landscaping builds.